Our crew

Our crew is comprised of a group of professional and capable sea faring gentlemen. They are skilled and licensed in every aspect of ocean navigation and they know the "Lady Gita" inside and out. Fluent in English, you will have no problem with communication.
They are all very happy to do whatever it takes to make your voyage aboard the "Lady Gita" not only very comfortable, but also to help provide you with some of the greatest memories of your life.
- Lady Gita -

Antonio Kovic

Your Captain
Coming from a family with multi-generational tradition of professional semen; captain and owner Antonio (Toni) said that he never could imagine himself working in any other business but maritime. After he received his bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split, Toni has started sailing. Even though he is one of the youngest captains, Toni has over 15 years of experience on the sea. While he was working for Princess Cruises and P&O Cruises, he gained precious experience of sailing international seas. From 2007 until 2018 Toni was captain and owner of gulet Linda – a charming crewed charter yacht with numerous repetitive guests. Past years of hard work driven by strong desire for constant improvements and professional progress made his dreams come true. Toni built one of the most unique boats on Adriatic, assembled crew according to his very selective standards and is looking forward to welcoming his guests onboard Lady Gita. Fluent in English, excellent organizer, highly professional and completely orientated to provide the best for his guests, communicative, experienced and knowledgeable of every inch of Adriatic, your captain Toni is always ready for interesting conversations and a good laugh. Before you meet him, we will reveal a few interesting things: Toni's biggest love is his beautiful little daughter Gita, so he named his beautiful yacht after her. While he is not spending his free time with family, Toni enjoys photography, music, and sports. His favorite music is rock, favorite book "One Hundred Years of Solitude" and his favorite movie is "As good as it gets".

Marina Šaškor

Languages: English, German, Italian After receiving her diploma at High School for Hospitality and Tourism, Marina immediately started working in hospitality industry; she always pictured herself working in tourism. She has gathered precious experience working on different positions in restaurants and hotels while her communication skills and managing of client’s expectations were polished during the time, she worked in travel agency. With respectable experience and knowledge for person of her age, Marina felt ready for international experience; four years living and working in Ireland Marina describes as fun, productive and interesting period she will always cherish. Curious and interested in what different working environments of hospitality industry can offer, instead of enjoying her summer holidays, Marina took an offer to work as a stewardess on crewed charter yacht in Croatia. Having done that, she realized that taking care of smaller group of guests as a member of coherent and dedicated team, while sailing in one of the most beautiful areas of the world beats any other way of doing her favorite job. Diligent, tactful, focused on details and excellence in service, Marina has been praised equally by guests on board and her fellow crew members. Her name kept popping up when Captain Toni started assembling crew for Lady Gita; Marina was recommended as excellent hostess, valuable team member with impressive working background, communicative and fluent in three foreign languages and light-spirited character. Marina will spend her free time reading books and watching movies.; her favorite hobby is traveling and here biggest wish is to travel around the world.

Anđela Grcić

Languages: English, French, Russian After high school, Andjela decided to gain experience in learning languages and Russian and French culture. She attended those classes as an Erasmus exchange student, and actively lived in France and Russia. Andjela’s communication skills have greatly developed both through her working experience as a front desk receptionist in a five-star hotel Le Meridien Lav Split and through her degree. Through Andjela’s working experience she has learned how to combine patience, determination, and persistence. With her outgoing and friendly character, Andjela effortlessly creates good vibes among the crew and builds an excellent team spirit. Not only does Andjela know how to make people feel comfortable by caring for their every need, she also has a wealth of knowledge about local history, and what the Adriatic has to offer her clients. Andjela brings to Lady Gita professional experience from the same position which she has brilliantly performed on luxury sailing yacht Navilux. As a chief hostess, Andjela has diligently and charmingly grown a support network of service providers within the local community - with the goal to provide the best service for her guests on board. Andjela’s hobbies are traveling and music. During wintertime, she is traveling around the globe to explore new places and cultures.

Andrea Ercegović

Languages: English After finishing high school of economics in Split she continued in the same way at Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism in Split and at the end of this year she will get degree in Financial management. Her part time job was taking care of a child with special needs. During which she learned how to be careful and patient with people. During the winter of her second year of university  she worked in the Tourist office in municipal community. She has been working on boats over the summer for 4 years now. Hers first step where a stewardess on mini cruiser Esperanza where she improved the necessary skills, after that she continued to work on similar boats. Thanks to all these jobs where she was around  people she acquired great communication and working skills. Andrea’s hobbies are reading books and dancing. She has been dancing almost 12 years in KUD Dalmacija and she loves to travel around the world with her dancing group.

Zlatko Poljak

Languages: English After formal education and training in Culinary High School, Zlatko immediately started to collect working experience in restaurants along Dalmatian coast during the touristic season. Highly motivated by nature, he was not eager to spent his winters at home, so he took challenging opportunity to work as a chef on a merchant vessel, where he had to combine and work with limited supplies and deliver diverse and high-quality menus. Zlatko says he needs only 3 ingredients for his gastro-creations; Fresh, Local, & Healthy. He will take you to journey thru any cuisine you prefer or request, but knowing him for years - here is recommendation: give him guidelines and let him create your gourmet experience. Zlatko obtained all levels and titles of specialized education for chefs available in Croatia: Master chef program finished Cum Laude in 2011 at School for tourism and hospitality Split, four years later (2015) earned Master chef title by Croatian Chamber of Trades and Arts Split. Beside cooking and exploring what's new in the world of pots and pans, Zlatko is passionate about the cars, skilled car mechanic, licensed truck driver as well, loves to play football (five-a-side) with his friends. Zlatko and his wife will take any opportunity to travel - both passionate about broadening horizons and romantic escapes, all well-deserved, as they are devoted parents of three children.

Antonio Čopac

1st Engineer

Goran Bajrić

Languages: English, German Goran loves being at the sea and he could never imagine himself doing any other thing but sailing and working on a yacht. He has finished Maritime High School in Split and since then he is gaining experience working on yachts. Beside of experience, diligence and professional attitude, Goran is very communicative and easygoing, enjoys in social dimension of yacht as active and interesting working environment. In his free time Goran loves to listen the music and watching movies.

Ivan Lolić

Languages: English After 13 years of experience as graphic designer, which is Ivan’s formal vocation, three years ago he decided it is time for career change. This passionate traveler, sea lover, sailor out of hobby and people’s person had no doubt that position of crew member on charter yacht is exactly what will make him feel fulfilled and contributing. This change was a bit of shock to his family and friends, it is not usual that one leaves successful and steady career for fresh start. Now, three years later, Ivan is perfect example that it is always a good time to pursuit your dreams. Eager to make his way on crewed charter yachts, passionate and ready to learn from every opportunity, Ivan has proven in short period to be reliable and responsible crew member. Pleasant, unobtrusive, always ready for new task and driven to deliver expected results, Ivan was perfect choice for Lady Gita’s first mate. In his free time Ivan is very active in outdoor sports: trail and track running, cycling and climbing are his favorites. Beside sports, Ivan’s hobbies are traveling, exploring nature and reading.
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