Crew profile

Our crew is comprised of a group of professional and capable sea faring gentlemen. They are skilled and licensed in every aspect of ocean navigation and they know the "Linda" inside and out.  Fluent in English, you will have no problem with communication. They are all very happy to do whatever it takes to make your voyage aboard the "Linda" not only very comfortable, but also to help provide you with some of the greatest memories of your life.


Antonio Kovic:  Your Captain
Tony commands a dignified respect and a strong loyalty from his crew. As the owner of the "Linda" he is a no-nonsense captain who will make sure that you are safe and happy in every kind of weather condition.  Tony is 32 years old and comes from a multi-generational family of professional seafarers.  He has enjoyed 6 years of experience working as an officer for the esteemed Princess Cruise Lines. This is where he adopted his keen sense of customer service and comfort. Tony is clearly the heart of the "Linda".


Zeljko (or Kogo or Cookie):  Galley Chef
This is where the surprise comes in:  With 25 years of experience working in some of the finest kitchens on the mainland, Kogo will dazzle you with the huge variety of fresh fare served up with great pride. And did I say 'fresh'?  The fruits, the vegetables, the beef the chicken and especially the seafood are all beautifully prepared and elegantly presented. You will not dream about restaurant food while you are aboard the "Linda" as Kogo will provide you with gourmet meals with the home-made touch!


Sergio:  Sailor, Deck Crew
This guy won't make you smile. He will make you laugh.  All the time.  After 7 years of crewing aboard various yachts in the Adriatic Sea, Sergio has refined his people-pleasing skills to a "T".  He seems to be 'Johnny on the Spot' - always where you need him to be long before you ask.  He is flexible and delightful and his light sense of humor will keep your spirits buoyed throughout the entire voyage. But don't confuse his boy-like charm with incompetence; if need be, Sergio will be up the mast or down the gangplank making sure that the "Linda" is always secure and safe in every kind of weather condition.  So sorry ladies, although you'll want to, you can't bring him home.  His heart has been won over by "Linda".


Goran:  Your Bartender, Below-decks Crew
Goran has spent 3 years crewing aboard Star Cruises. Very fluent in English, he will take care of all of your below-decks wishes. From sneaking to you an extra snack from the Galley, to providing you with clean swimming towels to cleaning up your dinner table, he will do all with a wink and a smile.  Charming and friendly, Goran will use his expert mixologist skills to create that perfect pina colada or vodka martini. Cheers!